Tomorrow is April 20th, 2014. We have so much to celebrate this year! The movement is in full swing! For decades our public school system has misinformed our kids about the dangers of cannabis. Our young people have been indoctrinated to believe marijuana, ranked side-by-side with opium and heroin, runs a high risk of dependency with no known medical benefit. This lie was intelligently designed and requires regular maintenance by those that gain from its unjust scheduling. Historians of the future will undoubtedly call the American prohibition of marijuana the most elaborate hoax of the era. We will dive deeper into the designed misconceptions about our sweet flower later, but for now let's focus on the good news! We are on the offensive, and we are winning! Nearly half of American states have legalized marijuana for medicine! Another dozen states have pending legislation for legalization or decriminalization! I live in North Carolina where there are more Southern Baptist churches than stop lights, and even we had a medical marijuana bill introduced! The movement to reform marijuana law is finally firing on all cylinders, and those that stand in its way will only be upset. A whole new multi-billion dollar industry is being generated out of thin air people! Grow equipment manufacturing, installation and service, property leases, growing, harvesting, security, transport, wholesaling, retailing, accounting, compliance and so much more. While states are struggling to balance budgets, it's obvious they cannot afford the lost tax revenue caused by complying with the uneducated federal ban on cannabis! Simply said, the movement has begun, and it will not stop until marijuana is rescheduled federally in the Controlled Substances Act, thus ending the federal prohibition. To those brave states that pioneered the legalization movement, in opposition to the federal government, we thank you. You have led the way to a brighter, more compassionate and civilized future for us all!

-Ed Head-



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